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GSA Contracting, founded by Guy Gannaway, has been a force in the residential and commercial construction industry for over thirty-five years. We focus primarily on construction throughout the central west coast of Florida. Our projects include site development, renovation, and new construction – varying from small residential to commercial high-rise.

What sets GSA apart from most Contracting firms is our ability to keep the cost of construction low by providing “value engineering” without sacrifice to high quality standards. We attribute this distinction to vast experience in a wide variety of construction genres throughout our history. Value engineering and versatility have enabled the founders of GSA to readily adjust in all economic seasons. Our integrity and meticulous attention to detail continues to fortify GSA’s reputation and customer base through referral. Solid construction and the esthetics of smart design throughout the townships of Tampa Bay and the Gulf Coast of central Florida reflect our legacy – commitment to excellence. (see Testimonials).

GSA works directly with some of the top architects and designers in this region and has decades of experience with the distinguished building officials, commissions, and zoning boards throughout each township. Our ability to expedite permitting and fast-track construction through all phases in any genre is also something we are very proud of. GSA believes in balance, community and cooperation for the good of all.



We Build Relationships by Exceeding Expectations. We cultivate partnerships that last a lifetime by delivering quality buildings and consistently providing exceptional client service.

This vision statement represents who we are as a company. GSA’s vision is the heart we apply to every project, and we do it with commitment, collaboration and strong integrity. We are more invested in the spirit of community and equitable balance with our clients than short-term profits. We understand that, when a building is finished, it is a monument of whatever we put into it, and will stand long after we are gone.



Passion    Integrity    Hard Work    Professionalism

These words best describe the characteristics each of our work sites display to the community. We’ve maintained these principles throughout our history, and they continue to guide us on all fronts.

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  1. Hi Guy
    I want to tell you that I am one of the people laid off by Ruth Eckerd Hall last week.

    The VIP team will take great care of your ticketing needs. Their telephone # is 727 791 7355 or [email protected].

    This layoff was very unexpected. When you hear of a great opportunity would you please think of me? I have corporate plus non-profit experience and can easily work in either environment. My cell # is 617 470 0367.

    We will one-day meet in person! Cheers

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