Dick Gannaway (President) & son Guy Gannaway (Director of Operations) grew up in St. Louis, MO. Dick became a prominent residential developer/home builder throughout the 1970s and began developing in Florida by the early eighties. Guy worked on his father’s construction sites through his teenage years, then graduated from Missouri State with a BA in Business and minor in accounting. Guy moved to Florida in 1981 as a project manager for Caledesi Construction. Guy and Dick partnered in multi-family residential projects in the Clearwater area. Dick Gannaway began a career developing ideas for energy/space efficient homes and Guy started his own contracting business in 1985. After several years of new construction in the high end residential market, Guy expanded into commercial building, which included several restaurants, car dealerships, medical practices, hotels, oil companies, schools, high-rise condos and large gyms. In 2009 Guy and his father teamed up to form GSA Contracting, continuing the Gannaway legacy of family enterprise with a sound and reputable standard in the finest quality Florida construction.

GSA Contracting was created to embark on new frontiers in construction philosophy, and our goal is to accommodate an increasing need for cost-efficiency and eco-friendly impact on our local and global environments. In this website please visit our extensive list of completed projects and testimonials.

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  1. Guy,
    I may have the wrong number for you. Could you call me when you can at 727-430-2340?
    Also, I had a voice message from a Chris regarding a standing seam roof system. Is he affiliated with you? His number is 727-919-7052 but when I call it, it is not accepting calls.
    Tom Walker
    Gene Dunn Gutters, Inc.

  2. Hey Dick, was thinking about you today and put your name into Google.

    I’m glad to see you are doing well. I hope things get even better.

    Steve Page

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