Pinellas County Commission Unanimosly Approves “Osprey Assisted Living Facilty” Land Use, Zoning and Special Exception Approvals!!

The “Osrpey Assisted Living Facilty” was unanomously approved on October 16, 2013 by the Pinellas County Commission for the Land Use and Zoning Changes along with a Special Exception for Parking to make way for the development of the 141 Unit Assisted Living Facilty. “This will be a High End Premier Assitied Living facilty” stated Guy Gannaway of GSA Contracting, Inc. “We are very proud of what we are planning. Site Plans and Building Permits are within 30 days of Approvals. We are extreemly excited to get this project started”. The 50,000 SF Assited Living Facilty is exptected to be complete in the Summer of 2013.

Osprey ALF Final Approval for the Land Use Change and Re Zoning set for Pinellas County Commission vote on Oct 16, 2012

After over ten months of Planning Board and Pinellas County Commision votes and approvals, it all comes down to one more final vote of the Commission at 9:30 AM, October 16, 2012. “it’s been a long process, we could not be more excited to get this project started” says Guy Gannaway of GSA Contracting, Inc.

GSA Contracting is Mobilizing at the Osprey Adult Living Facility Project!

 “We are very excited to get this Project started” stated Guy Gannaway of GSA Contracting, Inc. “This will be a ‘State of the Art’ Adult Living Facilty. Our Site Plan approvals and Building Permits are just a few weeks away. We look forward to breaking ground”. 

Building Permits and Site Plan aproval are currently submitted with the Pinellas County Development Review Department and the Final Zoning and Land Use approvals should be appoved next week at the meeting of the Pinellas County Commission meeting. The Osprey will be a 50,000 SF facility on a six acre site.